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Your vacation starts sooner with Organized Occasions!

Organized Occasions provides Home Organization and Event Planning services in Northwest Florida.

As an organizing professional that specializes in Home Organization and Event Planning my goal is to help you embrace and celebrate every occasion in life.  I enjoy organizing spaces and events and realize that not everyone does, and that’s okay!  That’s actually great!  This is what I was made to do!

The stress and anxiety caused by constant clutter can affect your overall health and well-being.  When you are overwhelmed and can’t make decisions about items around your home or put together a plan for an upcoming event, that is when you should hire a professional.

I believe the messages we receive from our spaces help to set the tone for our entire day.  When every outfit in your closet tells you that you are capable, knowledgeable, and successful you will be empowered and encouraged to start your day.  When you can quickly find items in your pantry and freezer for a home-cooked meal you will be providing your family with higher quality foods and enjoying more family time while also saving money.

I believe we can still entertain friends and family in our homes and our communities with just a few adjustments.  As an Event Planner, I have specialized in small, customized events.  My experience with Non-Profits allows me to provide consulting on fundraising events, but my passion is creating intimate gatherings for groups of 10 to 20 people.

I will help you meet your short-term goals and together we will begin the process of learning new skills and techniques to achieve your long-term goals of being less distracted and more productive.

Every day is an occasion to be celebrated.  And every occasion is best when organized.

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Every Day is an Occasion to be Celebrated! And every Occasion is the best when Organized!

Organized Occasions is a leading professional organizer in the Navarre, FL professional organizers directory on FindMyOrganizer.com.

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