Your vacation starts sooner with Organized Occasions Concierge!

Organized Occasions Concierge provides meal planning and grocery delivery services in the Navarre, FL beach area.

The first day of vacation can be anything but relaxing. Between travel delays (airports, Interstate traffic, and the Mobile Tunnel) and fussy travel companions (both big and little ones), all you want to do is get to your vacation rental unit so that you can kick back and soak up that beautiful beach view you’ve been dreaming about all year. BUT before you can get comfortable, you realize there is nothing to eat or drink. So, do you load everybody back in the car to get dinner or do you head to the store and grab just enough to get by and plan on doing a full shopping trip tomorrow? Neither sounds much like a vacation!

Imagine getting to your unit and having your groceries, beverages, paper items, even sunscreen already there and ready to enjoy. Organized Occasions Concierge can make this your new relaxing reality.

With menu suggestions for an easy and delicious dinner your first night, appetizer and snack ideas to enjoy, a list of necessary paper goods, and information from the local specialty shops we can help you plan your meals and place your order before you leave home. And when you get HERE—everything will be waiting for you!

The process is EASY (a little pre-planning is all it takes)

  1. Complete the Questionnaire online or download the form here.
  2. Gather any recipes and ideas together using the Vacation Meal Planner online or download the form here
  3. Download your Full Customizable Grocery Sheet (Google Sheets) or Customizable Vacation Shopping Sheet (Google Sheets) and determine items and quantities needed.  Or download the full list here.  (Download instruction here)
  4. Generate and Submit your Shopping List along with your Questionnaire
  5. Receive a contract with list attached and a phone call to review the details
  6. Pay your invoice online and return your signed contract

And now RELAX—

Organized Occasions Concierge will shop for your items, deliver the items to your unit, and send you a text with a photo showing when the delivery is completed.  Deliveries will be completed by 4 pm unless notified.

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Customizable Grocery Sheet: $19.95 (a discount of $20 will be applied to your first delivery fee)

Service Rates and Delivery Fees:

  • Delivery Fee:  $50
  • Service Fee: 25% of the total grocery order
  • Service Fee: Winter Rates (October – March)
    • Total Grocery Orders under $100:  25%
    • Total Grocery Orders between $101-$200:  20%
    • Total Grocery Orders over $200:  15%

A signed contract and paid invoice required prior to delivery

Peak Season (May-Sep): Tuesday 9:00pm
Off Season: 3 days before check-in



Peak Season (May-Sep): Tuesday 9:00 pm prior to check-in (Sat/Sun)

Off Season (Mon-Sun): 3 days before check-in

Every Day is an Occasion to be Celebrated! And every Occasion is the best when Organized!

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