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Flyer for Grocery Concierge and their holiday planning services

Holiday Concierge

Why offer a Holiday Concierge Service? There are many reasons why people dread the holidays and this year (2020) there are even more challenges with social distancing, mask-wearing, concerns about catching the coronavirus and flu, many stores are now closed, products are out of stock, money is tight, and families are grieving. Here is a …

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Cartoon image od two mugs for holiday entertaining in 2020

Holiday Entertaining and Planning – 2020 Edition

One of my first blog articles (November  2018)  is titled Holiday Planning:  Menus, Rooms, and Entertainment Ideas.  It came from a week of Facebook posts in 2017 where I broke down each area and provided tips for each day leading up to Thanksgiving.  And one of my most recent posts was about Social Gatherings in …

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October breast cancer awareness banner

My Breast Cancer Journey – Discovery, Decision, D-Cups, Diet

My knowledge about Breast Cancer began at age 42 when my BFF was diagnosed.  Hers was a rarer form known as Paget’s Disease—the cancer cells collect in and around the nipple.  Only 5% of all Breast Cancers are Paget’s and most occur after age 62.  She thought she had a skin condition due to being …

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Wooden table with assorted food and the words "Food Desert or Food Oasis"

Food Desert or Food Oasis

Not just a Low-Income Problem! Updated Sept 1, 2020 Have you heard of a Food Desert or a Food Oasis?  According to the dictionary, a Food Desert is “an urban area in which it is difficult to buy affordable or good quality fresh food”.  The next line said, “many poor people live in food deserts—where …

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Brass sign on door that reads, "Please Come In."

How We Accumulate and Organize Items in our Homes

I think it is safe to say, we will never SHOP the same after the 2020 Pandemic.   Many stores that have struggled to survive the past couple of years (Pier 1, JCPenny’s, Neiman Marcus, JCrew) are going to permanently close.  Some have already started clearance sales and store closings. Items that we previously purchased …

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Flyer for social Distancing

Social Gatherings in a Physically Distant World

Regardless of your personal beliefs about COVID-19, our world has changed because of it.   Some businesses have closed permanently and the loss to their employees and the communities is heartbreaking.  Other companies are thriving, hiring, updating their products, and developing new and innovative solutions.  Much like many families, some are thriving while others are struggling. …

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