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waste less meal planning

Waste Less – Less Waist

MEAL PLANNING AND GROCERY SHOPPING: A SIMPLIFIED SYSTEM   I have mentioned that one of the reasons moving is so stressful is because of ALL. THE. DECISIONS. Unfortunately, Grocery Shopping is Decision Overload as well. Here are just a few of the decisions: ?   Where to Shop? Online?  Store?  Which Brand—National Chains (Walmart, Target), Local …

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old photos in a box next to an antique camera

Ways to Preserve and Organize Photos

In my December blog post I mentioned that this is a great time of year to organize photos; it is cold outside so we’re spending more time indoors, and we took photos over the holidays, so it just seems to be a good time to organize all these photos. To be honest, I have photos …

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Stay healthy Navarre beach

Stay Healthy In Navarre

Time at Navarre Beach is intended to be RELAXING and REFRESHING and most of the time it is exactly that! But we’ve all been on the trip where someone ends up running a fever and staying in bed for 3 days.  Or your teenage son drops a contact down the drain.  Or after 10 hours …

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declutter wood lettering

Cycles of Decluttering, Organizing, and Cleaning

FOR EVERY MINUTE SPENT ORGANIZING, AN HOUR IS EARNED. -BENJAMIN FRANKLIN Here we are at the end of 2019!  A new year and a new decade are just a few days away.  Hopefully, you purged some items in your Christmas storage boxes as you decorated this year and you are enjoying the items that you …

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Christmas in Navarre

Christmas in Navarre

Christmas Is Better in Flip Flops   Purchased this towel (I had the plaid one) at Pak N Fax on Hwy 87—The gift shop is great!  And you can ship items home! In my blog post, Tips for a Stress-Free Trip to Navarre for the Holiday, Nov 12, 2019, I shared ideas about how you …

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Holiday bells organized occasions

Decorate & Purge This Holiday Season

Let’s start by committing to the idea that This Year we are going to Both Decorate and Purge as we go.  If there is something that you don’t use this year (decorations, wrapping paper, lights, linens, candles, special socks, holiday sweatshirts/ugly sweaters, baking supplies) then plan to remove it from your home.  Holiday items are …

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