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How We Accumulate and Organize Items in our Homes

I think it is safe to say, we will never SHOP the same after the 2020 Pandemic.   Many stores that have struggled to survive the past couple of years (Pier 1, JCPenny’s, Neiman Marcus, JCrew) are going to permanently close.  Some have already started clearance sales and store closings. Items that we previously purchased …

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Flyer for social Distancing

Social Gatherings in a Physically Distant World

Regardless of your personal beliefs about COVID-19, our world has changed because of it.   Some businesses have closed permanently and the loss to their employees and the communities is heartbreaking.  Other companies are thriving, hiring, updating their products, and developing new and innovative solutions.  Much like many families, some are thriving while others are struggling. …

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graphic of lady with 2020 pandemic, semi-permanent reality

Semi-Permanent Reality – The 2020 Pandemic

Our new Normal (at least for now) As I was researching information for this article, I was trying to think of an analogy that would best describe what we are experiencing.  The idea of Semi-Permanent Hair Dye came to mind! Let’s look at the similarities… Color choices range from “normal—brown, black, or red” to “bold-green, …

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Cycles of Decluttering: B Phase

When I wrote my post Cycles of Decluttering, Organizing, and Cleaning (Dec 19, 2019) I mentioned there is an A Phase (late Dec through Jan and into May) and a B Phase (June through December) during the year and that when we got to the B Phase I would write a follow-up post. WOW—I don’t …

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An ultimate closet design showing great organization by color and style.

The Ultimate Closet Design and Organizing Guide

As published on, June 16, 2020 Since we’re spending more time at home, now is the perfect opportunity to gain control of your closet. No more clothes shoved in, no more unsuccessful searches for that tie or belt. An organized closet is a thing of beauty and functionality, and it’s within your reach. It …

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A group of people enjoying an outdoor meal while on vacation, Organized Occasions Concierge

Eat Well On Vacation

Meal Planning for Vacation:  Tip & Tricks to Eating Well If I asked you “What does eating well while on vacation mean, what would you say?” Eating all the junk food I want. Eating out every meal. Eating local and fresh items. Eating healthy, fresh, colorful foods from the local farmer’s market. Eating favorite foods …

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