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What to Expect From Organized Occasions Concierge

As a concierge service I am committed to helping my customers not only shop for groceries and supplies, but to also provide guidance on quantities needed, introduce local merchants and products, suggest easy to prepare items and recipes and to provide removal and donation of any unused items to a local charity as needed. 


My goal is for your vacation to start sooner and be the most relaxing when you use Organized Occasions Concierge! 


Your groceries will be delivered and neatly arranged (cold items in freeze/refrigerator) with a detailed summary of items attached for review.  You will receive a text and photo letting you know the items have been delivered or if your delivery is running late, you will be notified with an estimated time of delivery.  (Deliveries can be delayed due to complications with prior tenants, entry to unit, cleaning service schedules and holidays or events occurring with road closures.)

Ordering FAQs

How do I place an order?

  • Using my customizable Google Sheets (Vacation List, Full List) you will be able to quickly generate a complete shopping list with quantities, brands, and any special requests.
  • Email your shopping list and questionnaire to
  • Receive a phone call to discuss your list, location, and specific details.
  • Relax—the hard part is done! And now you can enjoy your time in “Florida’s Most Relaxing Place”.

Which stores do you shop?

  • I will shop a variety of stores to make sure you are getting the best size and value for your family and guests.
  • Stores Include:
    • Dollar Tree: small quantities of paper and storage items (foil, plastic wrap, Ziplock bags, dishwashing soap, salt & pepper shakers, etc.)
    • Walmart: package foods (chips, crackers, cookies, breakfast cereal, etc.)
    • Publix: fresh produce, meat, dairy, bakery
    • Costco: large size snacks, larger quantity items
    • Specialty Markets:  Navarre Seafood Market (fresh seafood), Kimberly Cakes (special event cakes, cupcakes)

Can I order specific brands? Can I get organic products?

  • Yes, you can include details on all your favorite brands, flavors, sizes and requests for organic produce, dairy, meats.

Can I place an additional order during my vacation?

  • Yes, many families find they need a few more items and I can help you place an order and coordinate delivery time. Delivery and Service Charges apply.

What can I do with unopened items?

  • If you have unopened nonperishable items, I can pick those up and donate them to one of the local food pantries in the Greater Navarre area. A donation bag will be left with your delivery for you to use.

Delivery Area and Fees

Where do you deliver?

 We deliver to South Santa Rosa County--Navarre and Navarre Beach, Gulf Breeze, Holley.

How do you access my vacation home/rental unit for delivery?

Using the information you provide on your questionnaire, I will contact the property management company prior to your arrival and make arrangements for access to the unit.

What are your fees?

Delivery Fee $50 per Delivery. Service Fee 25% of total grocery/goods ordered.

Service Fee: Winter Rates (October – March)
Total Grocery Orders under $100: 25%
Total Grocery Orders between $101-$200: 20%
Total Grocery Orders over $200: 15%

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept ALL major credit cards.  You will be able to pay your invoice directly online using Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover.

Contract and Cancellation

What is your cancellation policy?

All orders canceled within twenty-four (24) hours prior to the scheduled delivery day/time will be subject to a $100.00 termination fee. In the event of an untimely cancellation (less than 24 hours or not at all), your credit card shall be charged for all items purchased.

Do I sign a contract?

Yes—this protects all parties involved.  View sample contract.

Delivery Service for Local Residents

Organized Occasions Concierge is proud to serve the full-time residents of South Santa Rosa County with grocery delivery. Residents can utilize the Expanded Version of my customizable Google Sheets to create their own shopping list and select delivery days and times that meet their schedules.  (Delivery times subject to availability during Peak Vacation season)


Residents will also have the option of onsite Kitchen Reorganization and Meal Planning to reduce waste, save time, and improve your family’s overall health through better nutrition.  See information about Home Organizing.

Every Day is an Occasion to be Celebrated! And every Occasion is the best when Organized!

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