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Holiday Concierge

Flyer for Grocery Concierge and their holiday planning services

Why offer a Holiday Concierge Service?

There are many reasons why people dread the holidays and this year (2020) there are even more challenges with social distancing, mask-wearing, concerns about catching the coronavirus and flu, many stores are now closed, products are out of stock, money is tight, and families are grieving.

Here is a list of CHALLENGES we face in Navarre and Gulf Breeze, FL.

Covid:  Many people do not want to go shopping (in a mask) but want to support local shops instead of ordering everything online.  This is true for both residents and visitors coming to Navarre Beach during the holidays.  

            Hurricane Sally damage:  It is difficult to get to Pensacola from Navarre and Gulf Breeze area due to the bridge being out and the road between Navarre Beach and Pensacola Beach through the National Seashore is still closed.

            Limited Time:  Between working full time, caring for family, dealing with insurance claims from Hurricane Sally, local families are feeling the time crunch!  Visitors have a limited amount of time to relax and many are not aware of alternate routes or best (and worst) times to travel on Hwy 98 and 87.

            Limited Grocery Store options:  With the Winn Dixie store in Navarre closed, and predictions of shortages on many of the holiday staples, shoppers are going to have a harder time finding items on their lists.  For visitors, I can shop before arrival day when the stores are better stocked and make suggestions for alternatives. 

Other CONSIDERATIONS for using these services include:

            Budget:  As a personal shopper I am looking only for the specific items on your list and will not give in to impulse items.  This applies to both grocery items and gift items.

Gift wrapping supplies can be expensive if you only need a few items.  

            Security:  I carry a $1M General Liability insurance policy and have partnerships with all the local property management companies so that I can gain access to vacation rental units before guests arriving and stock the pantry, fridge and freezer.  Why not also let me put the gifts in the closet or stack them up in a corner for grandkids to see when they arrive at the condo?  

Want to keep a gift a surprise but have no place to keep it?  Send it to me to hold for you and I’ll wrap it up and deliver to you when you are ready.

Ho Ho Ho Holidays!

Looking at the challenges faced by residents in Navarre and Gulf Breeze and thinking, “How can I help make the holidays more enjoyable, a little brighter, a little less Bah Humbug?” I decided to expand the services I offer.

I enjoy the “rush” of decorating for the holidays.  I enjoy shopping for others (groceries of course, but also gifts and décor).  I love seeing beautifully wrapped gifts ready for giving or stacked under the tree.  And I know how hard it is to keep some gifts hidden!

So, think of me as Santa’s Elf on the Beach!!  Here to help make your holidays more RELAXING

Lady sitting in a chair on Navarre Beach looking at the waves

Navarre Beach-Florida’s Most Relaxing Place


I can help you get your house ready with decluttering or organizing services and with decorating your spaces.  I can shop for the perfect gift for everyone on your list and wrap them all up for you.  I can help you plan menus including your Thanksgiving or Christmas Dinner and purchase and deliver all the items needed to make those meals at home or in your vacation home.



Just like with my home organizing or event planning services, Holiday Concierge services are customized to each client’s needs.  You can pick from any of the services below (or call and ask about other projects or tasks you need assistance with) and together we can create a budget and a timeline.

  • Personal Shopper: $50 per hour, travel time $20 per hour (travel outside of Navarre)
  • Gift Wrapping Services: $5-$15 per item depending on size (discounted if you provide the paper & ribbon)
  • Receive, Hold, and Deliver: No charge to receive and hold items, $50 Delivery Fee.
  • Grocery Delivery: Service Fee 15-25% (depending on total groceries purchased), Delivery Fee $50


Meal Kits:

After completing many shopping and delivery orders of various sizes and from families across multiple states, I have seen trends in what families typically order for their vacation.  Everyone seems to have a Taco Night and a Pasta Night.  These meals are great because they can be easily increased or decreased based on the number of family members and portion sizes needed (kids and teenagers get very hungry after spending the day playing on the beach).

Most families want an easy to prepare option for the first night so I have created 3 ways to use a Rotisserie Chicken and 3 ways to prepare Fresh Shrimp (I recommend purchasing shrimp from Navarre Seafood Market—check out their Facebook Page for more details.)

And knowing that planning a holiday meal away from home can be challenging, I created a special kit just for the holidays.

The following links and lists are designed to give you a list of ingredients and basic cooking directions while allowing you to pick your favorite brands and adjust to any special dietary needs.

First Night Dinner Kits: 

Shrimp  https://grocery-concierge.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/07/Shrimp-Recipes.pdf

Rotisserie Chicken  https://grocery-concierge.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/07/Rotisserie-Chicken-3-Ways.pdf

Breakfast Kithttps://grocery-concierge.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/07/Breakfast-Ideas.pdf

Holiday Meal Kit: https://grocery-concierge.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/11/Holiday-Meal-Ideas.pdf

Taco Night Kit: https://grocery-concierge.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/11/Taco-Night.pdf

Pasta Night Kit: https://grocery-concierge.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/11/Pasta-Night.pdf


Use these kits along with the Basic Set-Up List, and Drink Ideas to help you complete your Shopping List (Long) or (Short).  And don’t forget to send me your Questionnaire so I can contact the Property Management Company about your reserved unit and schedule your delivery time.

Key Dates:

***All information as of November 2nd.  Updates will appear on Facebook—Organized Occasions & Grocery Concierge page

Saturday, November 14:  NBACC Annual Holiday Shop & Dine Crawl (FREE) In Navarre and Gulf Breeze. Raffle Drawings Monday, November 16th.

Sunday, November 15:  deadline for ordering Thanksgiving Turkey & Pumpkin Pies—Ye Olde Brothers Brewery.  Click here to order.

Dickey’s Barbecue Pit (Gulf Breeze):  866-227-2328 is also offering Complete Holiday Feasts (Smoked Turkey, Cajun Fried Turkey, Spiral Ham, Prime Rib)-available for pick up and reheating.

Saturday, November 21:  Saturday before Thanksgiving –check-in day for many visitors arriving at vacation units.

Deadline for ordering Meal Deals from Buh’s BBQ—Call to order 850-860-2881.  4 person meal: $60 or 8 person meal: $120

Wednesday, November 25:  Pick up day (Ye Olde Brothers, Dickey’s, Buh’s)

Thursday, November 26:  Thanksgiving DayStripes Pub & Grill noon to 3 pm Free Meals

Saturday, December 5:  Christmas In the Park-Tree Lighting, Navarre Park

Saturday, December 19:  Saturday before Christmas—check-in day for many visitors arriving at vacation units.

Thursday, December 24: Christmas Eve

Church Services—many local churches are offering both in-person and virtual services.

Friday, December 25Christmas Day

Thursday, December 31New Year’s Eve


Additional Blog Articles with planning tips:

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Holiday Entertaining & Planning –2020 Edition  (October 2020)

If I can help make your holidays less stressful and more enjoyable, please give me a call.


Gretchen Carter

Holiday Concierge (aka:  Santa’s Beach Elf)

Grocery Concierge, Navarre, FL:

As a concierge service, I am committed to helping my customers start their vacations sooner by shopping for and delivering groceries, beverages, and beach supplies to their vacation rental units.  Also, providing guidance on quantities needed, introducing local merchants and products, and suggesting easy recipes to prepare and enjoy.

Gretchen Carter

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