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Home Organizing

Home is Where the Heart Is

Many times our daily lives and clutter can take over our home which throws us and our whole family into disarray.  By starting with an organized home you have a clean slate each day to live your life to the fullest.  You are creating harmony for your family and taking control of your life versus letting your stuff take control of you.


Gretchen works with individuals and families to declutter, create sustainable systems customized for each unique unit and adds style that fits your lifestyle.


We start with sorting, grouping and guiding you through what to keep and what to let go.  Gretchen leads the process with onsite coaching, coordinating donations or items to sell and helping you physically removing the clutter from your home.

Sustainable Systems

Once the clutter is gone expect a one on one coaching session with Gretchen so she can understand how you desire your home to operate.  With this information, Gretchen will personally work with you to put systems in place to help your home run smoothly. 


Gretchen helps you determine what is practical for your life while also helping bring out your personal style.  This can include using items already in your home or heading out for a shopping trip together. 

Organize your vacation rental

Vacation Rentals

Gretchen loves vacation!  However, when she steps into a vacation rental that isn't organized or missing critical kitchen items she just can't stand it.

Owning a vacation rental can be a great investment as well as a place to relax with your own family.  Creating a home with organization and ease of use is critical to keep guests coming back year after year.

Gretchen can help you design the rental space creating the best experience for your guests.  This includes space design with furniture, kitchen organization, and checklists to help you keep on track. -Blog post "Lessons Learned"

Moving & Unpacking

Gretchen can help you unpack and get organized as you move in.  Organizing your home as you move in helps you design your new home with intention.  Gretchen can help identify ways to maximize space, organize for this stage of your life and take the stress away from going through all your boxes.


Thinking about moving soon or downsizing?  Gretchen can also help with this too.  She helps you toss what you don't need and pack up what you decide to keep.  Only take what you want to keep instead of taking old baggage with you as your are adjusting your lifestyle.

Moving and Unpacking

Are your looking for Grocery Delivery or Meal Planning?  Check out our sister site at Grocery Concierge!

Every Day is an Occasion to be Celebrated! And every Occasion is the best when Organized!

Organized Occasions is a leading professional organizer in the Navarre, FL professional organizers directory on FindMyOrganizer.com.

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