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An organized closet of blouses

Time to Switch the Closet: Spring/Summer or Fall/Winter

I admit I LOVE when I get to switch my closet from one season to the next.  By this time I am usually getting tired of seeing the same tops and bottoms every morning, and seeing the next season of clothes feels like a fresh start.  New colors and textures!

I still follow the SPACE process (Sort, Purge, Assign a Home Spot, Containerize, Evaluate).

Sorting:  My clothes are already grouped in my closet so this step is usually to separate any items that stay out all year.  For me, that’s solid colored, sleeveless tops that I use under jackets in the fall/winter and as a top with skirts and shorts in the spring/summer.  I also include some of my jeans and a few lightweight jackets.

Purge:  Ask yourself, “Have I worn this?”  Why not?  Will I want to wear it next year?  Would I buy it again?  If you would not buy again it needs to go—donate or sell.

Assign a Home Spot:  Again, for me this is easy—one season goes up, one season comes down.  We added a 3rd rod in our closet which is great if you have high ceilings.  If not, it could be another closet or put the “out of season” items in storage bins and hang the “current season” onto the rods in your closet.

Containerize:  I keep good thick dry cleaner bags to cover the clothes I am moving up.  I will usually put 4-6 items in each bag.  I still keep items together (pants, jeans, dresses, skirts, long sleeve, short or no sleeve) and they have to pack tighter when up but that’s okay since I don’t need to see them or get to them when they stored.

Evaluate:  As you were purging did you have to toss something that now you need to replace?  Maybe it was a favorite pair of sandals?  This is a great time to see if you can find them on clearance!  If not, then just wait until next year-no reason to store them for 6 months before you can wear.  And as you are evaluating your New Wardrobe it is okay to purge some items as you go.  Your size may have changed since last season or you may not have been able to decide on a piece when you were putting it away, but now you know you don’t want to keep it.

Then take a step back and enjoy all your NEW stuff!  Ready to wear one of your favorites or feeling confident to try some new combinations?  I encourage you to look at your favorite companies’ blogs.  CabiOnline has some great posts about travel and holiday clothing capsules.  Ann Taylor and Coldwater Creek are also great to show their new season and timeless classics. I love to look at these and get ideas of how to wear things I have that are similar to the items they are showing.  I get inspired to try something new with my old stuff and look forward to feeling confident, beautiful and ready to face whatever comes to me today!

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