Which Comes First? Cleaning or Organizing

A newly cleaned and organized closet

Cleaning vs DeCluttering/Organizing

Question:  Is it better to clean and then organize or organize first and then clean?

Answer: Cleaning first and during.

Here’s an example:  You want to organize your master closet.  I suggest removing EVERYTHING and cleaning – wiping off the shelves, vacuuming the floor, repairing rods if needed, changing lights (LEDs are great in closets), then you can organize the clothes, shoes, etc. as you put them back into the space.  One tip for keeping your closet clean and organized is to get a hanger caddy from your dry cleaner’s shop.  This way as you wear and remove items from the dry cleaner’s hangers, you put them in the caddy and when you take your dry cleaning, you take the caddy and recycle the hangers.  Empty extra hangers make your closet feel messy while having a spot to put them when not in use will help keep it tidy. There are many materials for hangers (Metal, Wood, Plastic, Velvet). I like to use a combination of Pants Hangers, Plastic Hangers, and Skirt Hangers. I DO NOT LIKE the hangers you get from stores or from dry cleaners so I try not to use them on my clothes which is why I NEED a caddy in my closet! I move the clothes from the dry cleaner’s hangers to the pants hangers or to a plastic hanger as soon as I bring the items home, and I always have the store keep any hangers. Having everything on the same hangers makes for a cleaner visual space and protects your clothes.

Planning to organize your kitchen? You will need to have all the dishes, pots, pans, and glasses clean so that we can stack them into groups and really see what you have.  With everything out we can wipe down shelves and put in new shelf liner if needed.  Often during this process, we will discover that something needs extra attention—don’t get distracted.  If you need to wrap it in packing paper or even a plastic trash bag do it, but keep going with the process of Sorting and Purging and Assigning a home spot for your items.  And if you later decide that you can’t clean it and need to replace it, you have not wasted time on it for no benefit.  Quick Tip: Use your rinse only cycle of the dishwasher to freshen up glassware.  It only takes about 20 minutes and then you can wipe the glasses dry as you place them in their home spot.  This is also a great way to clean glass sconces –just take them off the light fixtures and run them through the dishwasher on rinse.  Then replace and enjoy the glow!

Here are a few of my favorite cleaning tools and products:

Norwex Clothes:  Envirocloth, Window, and Dust Mitt

Please contact Amber Peak to purchase:  469-644-0542

Steam Floor Cleaner:  I hate mopping but I really like to know my floors are clean.  You can even add a little essential oil to the pad to freshen up the room—I like Citrus or Purification.  Purchase a steamer with different settings so you can use on wood and tile.  And the last place I steam is our walk-in shower floor—because I never feel the tile gets really clean without it.

White Vinegar: there are so many uses for this.  Here is an article from Better Homes and Garden:

How to Clean Every Surface of Your Home With Vinegar

And if you are in the Keller/North Fort Worth area and decide you want a cleaning service, I recommend Maid Clean.  Bridgitte Cheatham is the owner.

Please let Amber and Bridgitte know that I referred you to them.  As small business owners, our referrals and recommendations are so important to us.  And if you want help with the organizing of any area of your home, please give me a call.  I would love to work with you.

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  1. Thanks for the tips in your home organizing section – never thought about putting my light globes in the dishwasher. I’ve always hand washed, which takes a lot of time.

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